Penis-man statues at PyeongChang Olympic village


The rigid steel artworks were spotted standing proud by visitors to the winter games and have been gaining cult status thanks to their strikingly phallic appearance.

So much so that Bullet Man has become an overnight meme sensation across the planet and could well be gaining international treasure status.

Someone has even paid tribute to the stalwart statues by knitting a miniature version.

Another inspired meme was created using Lego.

Lego parts has been used here to great effect with the versions looking a dead ringer for the real life fellas

The art installations, located outside the media centre, were actually put up in 2009 and are called “Bullet Man”.

It is understood the statues are meant to symbolise “the human desire for a cool body plus wealth and honour with a concrete image”.

The meme sensation comes after the Winter Olympics torch lighting ceremony was mocked as viewers said the giant metal rings used to ignite the cauldron looked like a “robot fire penis”.

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